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Thursday, September 8, 2011

You have been my help!

You have been my help!

...I beg you, do not, for the glory of God and for the comfort of tried saints, keep back your testimony, but say, “I was brought low, and he helped me, and, therefore, blessed be his name.” 

We do not talk enough about our deliverances. 
When you get home this afternoon, after dinner, if a friend or two should call in, you will go over your bad times and your troubles, but you will not recapitulate your mercies. 

Have we not had enough of complaining?

 let us touch another string, and bless the Lord for all his lovingkindness.

 What a tale some of us could tell of his mercies!

No novel that was ever composed could possibly equal in interest my own experience of God’s goodness, and I think there are many here of whose lives the same could be said. 

Rich with incident, crowded with wonders, crammed full of miracles have our lives been, for God has dealt so well with us that we often stand astonished at what he has done.

 “Thou hast been my help.”
 Oh, yes, I will sum up the whole of my life in the one sentence, and, as we have seen a portrait sketched in a few lines, so will I give you my whole career in miniature: 

“Thou hast been my help.”

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "A Mighty Plea," delivered November 23, 1873

Reflection and inspiration from the

"Prince of Preachers," 
Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Copyright Statement
This resource was produced before 1923
and therefore is considered in the
"Public Domain". 

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